Black & Berry: A Strawberry Canebrake & Guinness Beer Mix

It's time for another thirst inducing beer pour! Think of this one as the beer equivalent to chocolate covered strawberries. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re sipping on what we’re calling a Black & Berry, a tall and tasty beer mix made up of half Strawberry Canebrake, half Guinness. 

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Strawberry Canebrake is a refreshing strawberry wheat ale, from Parish Brewing Company in Broussard, Louisiana. This is the strawberry loaded version of their flagship wheat ale, Canebrake. At 5% ABV, this is an easy drinking, crisp wheat ale with a nice strawberry flavor. We topped the strawberry brew with the ultra dark, Guinness Extra Stout. 

This mixed beer is a twist on the classic Black & Tan, which has a bottom layer of pale ale, like Bass, topped off with a dark & creamy top layer of Guinness. How does it separate you ask? The Guinness is actually less dense than the lighter beer below it, causing the two beers to separate into layers and not immediately mix together. Usually, you would use Guinness Draught, but we had Extra Stout on hand, so we rolled with that! It still had the separation, but it mixed together pretty fast, maybe faster than the Draught would have. But it still tasted good, and that’s all that's the most important thing here! 

There are so many variations on this half and half beer combo, like the Black & Blue, a Guinness and Blue Moon duo, or the Snakebite, which pairs Guinness with hard cider. So you can get creative and see how your favorite beers pair up. While the mixed beers aren’t my usual order, I can still respect a tasty or interesting combo. With the huge and constantly growing number of craft brews readily available these days, there have got to be some killer combos out there!

To make this two toned brew, pour the Strawberry beer (or your beer of choice) to the halfway point of the glass. Place your adorable Black & Tan Turtle (or pouring spoon) on top of the glass. Slowly and gently pour Guinness onto the turtle shell, letting it cascade down the sides until you fill the glass. The beer should pour in two separate layers, but once you start sipping, it will slowly mix together, so enjoy the mesmerizing pour while it lasts! 


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