Simple Steps To Elevate Your Red Wine Experience

Simple Steps To Elevate Your Red Wine Experience

*We hope you enjoy the products we recommend here! They are items that we personally love! Just so you know, we may receive a percentage of sales from the affiliate links on this page, at no extra cost to you.

I read somewhere that October 15 is National Red Wine Day. Not that we need a special day to crack open a bottle, but it's as good a reason as any, if you ask me! I’m a big fan of red wine, but I’m no connoisseur by any means. In fact, I rarely spend more than $15 for a bottle. You'll typically find a great selection of bottles in the $10-15 range that taste delicious and won't break the bank. No matter how much you want to spend on your yum yum juice, there are a few essential tools and simple steps you can take to pump up the volume on your balling-on-budget bottle! 

*We hope you enjoy the products we recommend here! They are items that we personally love! Just so you know, we may receive a percentage of sales from the links on this page.

*We hope you enjoy the products we recommend here! They are items that we personally love! Just so you know, we may receive a percentage of sales from the links on this page.

First you gotta open it up...

You don't need anything fancy to pop your bottle. In fact, you may not need anything besides a little elbow grease to get to the goods. These days, you can find a pretty sizable percentage of wine with a screw top or packaged in a box, can or even a pouch! But, if you find yourself with a bottle of wine sealed with a cork, you're gonna want to get it out of there!


Grab yourself a double hinged wine key for easy access...

Small, simple and efficient, this style of corkscrew gets the job done. The double-hinged wine key is perfect for the wine drinker who isn't looking for anything too fancy! Small enough to slip into a drawer, pocket or bag, it's a classic, simple tool and my go to choice for opening a bottle of wine at home. 

Or an individual wine key like this pretty Rosewood style. 


Get some leverage with a levered or winged corkscrew....

If you're looking for something a little bigger, this style of corkscrew may work for you. The lever or wing style will provide good leverage and is just as fast and efficient as the smaller double-hinged wine key. 

Or try this winged corkscrew!


Get some air up in there...

Decant get enough....

Decanting your bottle of wine is an essential step in opening it up, letting it breath and becoming an ultra wine fine in no time! Not only does it let you get to the fun drinking part faster by quickly incorporating air into the wine, but it's also downright mesmerizing to watch the wine dance it's way down to the bottom of the decanter. This style of decanter makes your wine look and taste so gooooood! Decanting your bottle is the easiest way to improve the overall taste of the wine and is a step I'd always recommend taking. 

Pick one up one of these beauties here!


Aerate your wine one glass at a time with this Wine Aerator...

If you don't want to decant an entire bottle at once, you can always use a handy dandy Wine Aerator. It's small enough to be easily stashed in a drawer and perfect for those times when you just want a glass or two. This lightweight little aerator won't get as much air incorporated into your wine as a decanter, but it definitely makes a difference in the way the wine tastes overall. This little guy is a small investment (under $20) that is totally worth it.  

Grab one here!


Pour baby, pour...

I'm a huge fan of the stemless wine glasses. I have a tendency to be on the clumsy side, so ditching the stem gives me a sense of stability and makes me less likely to spill red wine on the couch! Check out these stemless glasses. 

Grab these stylish, tilted wine glasses here. 

Good to the last drop...

Let's be honest, not every bottle gets polished off in one sitting. Some nights, you may only be in the mood for a glass or two. Or maybe you got ambitious and opened a second bottle that you just can't finish off. Though it may be a rare occurrence, you definitely don't want to waste what's left in the bottle. You can re-cork the bottle (same direction that it was originally corked) and store it in the fridge until the next day. This will somewhat slow down the oxidation process, but only if you plan on drinking the rest the next day. To get an extra couple days out of your open bottle, you can try one of these methods (in addition to storing in the fridge) to make sure it still tastes great! 

Spray away! Check out the wine preserver spray here.


Have some fun....

Whether you're looking for a fun gift to give the wine lover in your life or or a conversation starter for your next get together, these fun wine accessories are perfect! 

Wrap it up with these fun wine condoms!

Now go pop a bottle and enjoy your National Red Wine Day!


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