Pour Me Another: Urban South Cà Phê, a Vietnamese Style Coffee Stout

Pour Me Another: Urban South Cà Phê, a Vietnamese Style Coffee Stout

This rich stout from Urban South, part of their "Seasonal Series", is a winter seasonal with a bold coffee flavor. The Vietnamese Style Coffee Stout is solid, at 7% ABV. The beer is brewed with lactose sugar and Nola’s own New Orleans French Market Cold Brew.

I haven’t really gotten in to the world of ultra dark beers like stouts and porters, but I tend to crave them when the weather is frigid. To be fair, that doesn’t happen very often here in south Louisiana, but this Cà Phe may be changing my mind. I really enjoyed the Vietnamese style coffee flavor, which seemed well balanced. It went down smooth and had an overall creamy, full taste. It wasn’t an overly heady pour, but there was a little creamy, dark tan head that smelled like coffee. 

Ca Phe_Small_4.jpg

We’ve really been loving the beers that have been coming out of this Tchoupitoulas Street brewery in New Orleans, especially since the release of their spruced up Holy Roller IPA. It’s been our favorite new beer and what we look for every time we’re picking up a six pack from the store. If you've never tried Holy Roller or haven't tried it in the last couple of months, I highly recommend trying out this awesomely updated, juicy, india pale ale!

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Not to mention, their branding is so catchy. I'm really loving the look of their Architecture Series! We always stop and stare at all cans when we see them in the store. Check out some of their cool cans at their website!

This Cà Phe stout is definitely worth a try, in my opinion. I'd pick up a six pack or at least a single of this canned winter seasonal, before the seasons change! 

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