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This is my awesome hubby, Sean! He taught me everything I know about working the camera! Together, we own & operate our Video + Photography Production Company, Brightside Pictures.  Check out some of our other projects!


Hi! I'm Ashley, food & craft beer lover!

It’s amazing how much you can discover about an area by exploring the local restaurants & breweries. One of my favorite things to do is venture out with my hubby, Sean, and our pup, Chewy, and taste our way across a new area. Chewy doesn’t get to indulge in the tasty beverages, he does gets his fair share of road snacks! He's an awesome travel pup and loves to hit the road with us.

Whether we're traveling for business (check us out at!) or pleasure, we always make the time to stop in to a Craft Brewery or two (…or four??), have some local beers and search for cheap, delicious eats.

As much as we love to get out and explore, I am also equal parts homebody….and fairly frugal, hence the cheap eats (oh, I definitely get it from my momma!)  So, when we're home in Lafayette, Louisiana, most nights we like to stay in and whip up a meal in our comfy clothes at home! 

We love chatting about food (and beer!), thinking of new recipes and tweaking old favorites. We’re those people who talk about what’s for dinner while we’re eating lunch! We realized that we should absolutely be combining our love of filling our bellies with deliciousness and our passion for video & photography.  

And so The Craft Chew was born, inspired by our love of craft brews, tasty chews and a little nod to our furry pup, Chewy!

We’re not chefs, just serious food lovers and home cooks with a camera, sharing some of our favorite recipes, tips and tricks and the constantly growing list of people, places, foods & brews that inspire us! I hope we can inspire you to create meals and memories that you'll love.


Thanks for Chewsing!


Bite. Chew. Sip Craft Brew.

Sharing a love of delicious food, cocktails & craft beers!

Chewy the Chihuahua

Meet Chewy, our long hair Chihuahua! He's always willing to lend a helping paw in the kitchen!

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