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Hi, hungry friends! We’re Ashley & Sean, Louisiana natives with a big love of food! We’re a husband and wife dynamic duo who film & photograph people, places & food for a living with our production company, Brightside Pictures.

The Craft Chew is our food baby, inspired by our love of craft brews, tasty chews and a little nod to our furry pup, Chewy! What started out as a fun way to document some of our food and beer adventures really sparked an intrigue into the world of food video & photography. 

Our humble little food blog gives us a space to play with our food, where we can try out not only new recipes and cooking methods, but we can also experiment with camera, lighting and prop techniques that we can apply to our Brightside projects. Win, win! 

We want to tell stories through food, documenting the unique ways people cook, eat and enjoy their food, especially in the one of a kind, but constantly evolving food culture of South Louisiana. 

We’re looking for people who cook, bake, brew or anything in between and use unique techniques, ingredients or tools when they work on their craft. Our goal is to feature people in Louisiana who work to carry on traditions and who create new ones in the food and drink world. If this sounds like you or someone you know, let us know! We’d love to hear from you!  

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Find us on Pinterest!

One of our favs! Queso Fundido at  Tula Taco & Amigos in Lafayatte, LA

One of our favs! Queso Fundido at Tula Taco & Amigos in Lafayatte, LA

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